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With state of the art equipment, we capture testimony, document evidence, and present your case. Use the power of video to capture interest and influence opinions. Video is a far richer tool than the stenographic transcript. Video depositions are much more likely to keep a jury's attention. Good printed testimony of a credible witness can become great testimony, when seen as a video. Video depositions can also be a valuable tool for reference when considering whether to use particular witnesses at trial, and when preparing for the direct- or cross-examination of those witnesses.


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CalVideo Legal Services is a Los Angeles based full service video production company specializing in legal video deposition services and settlement documentaries. With our highly trained and certified (CLVS) videographers and state-of-the-art video and sound equipment, we can assist you in capturing that essential testimony needed to win your case. We produce high quality videos for all legal proceedings, including litigation, mediation, and arbitration.